Dairy-Tech is a Danish owned engineering company specializing in supplying small and medium sized projects to the dairy, juice and related food industries.


This new ownership structure, together with the dedicated staff of the company, form a uniquely qualified team with a long track record of satisfied customers in the Middle-East and South East Asian region.


Dairy Tech has roughly four decades of experience with establishing dairy, juice and related projects around the world.


Dairy Tech have worked closely with key industry players, such as Danish Turnkey Dairies, APV, Alfa Laval, Nestle’ and Carlsberg.


Changes in the industry have meant that major equipment suppliers have increasingly focused on larger and larger projects. A niche has emerged for the supply of know-how and equipment to small and medium sized projects requiring technology of uncompromising quality and durability.


Our projects combine machinery and equipment from reputable European suppliers and technology to suit the different requirements and tastes of Asian and Middle-Eastern markets. We use only highly trained staff with experiences over the last few decades with similar projects supplied by Danish Turnkey Dairies, APV and Alfa Laval.


Dairy Tech provides solutions uniquely tailored to your regional and individual specifications, combining decades of technical and process experience from new and established markets with high-quality machinery, equipment and process know-how guaranteed to suit your needs.


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